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Mummers [Apr. 22nd, 2012|10:44 am]
[mood |awakeawake]

Alright, so here's the deal.  Mum is getting married soon, to her fiance Chris.  He, is perhaps the only man I approve of to marry her!  The thing is; Chris and can actually have real conversations.  He is most generous, kind, and trustworthy.  Things are changing.  I will be staying with my sister for one month, and the next with my mother.  It will continue that way hence forth.  Chris has taken my Mother to Hawaii, I believe twice, lucky.

Speaking of my mother, lets write about her for a bit.  Her spirit animal is an owl.  I have given her about three owl related gifts in the course of 2 or so years.  Two necklaces of course.  Her birthday is in March, where I gave her an owl necklace, earrings, and a lovely Shawl (Mum likes veil's) and she noted my good taste ;)  While I was over there in March, I went to an antique store and found an owl pin.  In was of bronze, and opened up.  I handed it to my mother in the car, and she was staring at it.  Turns out, grandma (r.i.p.) had just the same owl pin when mum was a kid.  The pin was made by Avon, and when opened there was a perfume thingy..but the one I gave her didn't have perfume.  bleh.  She said that it was almost like grandma was saying hello.

Well, that's enough writing for now.  Peace out!