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ug [Dec. 16th, 2013|05:32 pm]
Finally, everything packaged and ready to send to family members for Christmas!  I still need to wrap a few more for my mom.  I got a book from my friend Marcus earlier!  A huge as book 'Wizards FIrst Rule' by Terry Goodkind.  800 or so pages, so it should be fun, i'll start reading it tonight.  It's been a while since I've sat down and a read a good old fashioned fantasy novel.
Mom and Chis got home from vacation in Hawaii a few days ago, they got me the best chocolate covered macadamia nuts I've ever had *nom nom* a t-shirt and a x-mas ornament with my name on it  Hopefully my mom is still going to get me a light table  that I can use for art and such..Anyyyyways, all is good and freezing fucking cold. u.u;;;'later
Happy paper cut day!